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Our individual trials position us to exercise the utmost, deep-rooted faith, belief, and reliance on the Creator even through the most unexpected, challenging circumstances and life events that our human spirit can’t begin to comprehend. Faith for Fiery Trials is a soul-stirring compilation of real life stories that highlight the urgency of turning to God and His Word for strength, comfort, and peace during such trials. As demonstrated in the compelling stories of each co-author of Faith for Fiery Trials, when we are faced with trials the enemy will attempt to insert doubt and questions into our minds about God’s love and His goodness.

We can choose to allow that doubt to settle into our spirit and ask, “Why me?” or we can grow from our trials, in-crease our faith in God, and ask, “How can I be faithful in the midst of this trial?” We can allow adversity to break us down and make us bitter, or we can let it refine us and make us spiritually stronger. The reality is that spiritual growth can often be achieved more readily though trials and adversity than it can through comfort and tranquility.

In each of the stories that you read in this compilation—including stories of grief due to the loss of a child, unexpected separation and divorce, contemplation of suicide, and healing from sickness and disease—you will witness the powerful hand of God in helping these amazing women to rise after trial and tragedy just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes. As you turn the pages of this book, prepare yourself to experience both the hurt and the healing of each story. Give yourself permission to sit in a space of meditation after reading this book to reflect on the love and grace that God has granted you through some of your most challenging trials. Then, praise His almighty name for the abundance of kindness and goodness that He has granted to you and each of the women in this book and work on increasing your faith in His promises.

This this book is going to develop faith for some, deepen faith for others and overall, enhance your relationship with God and ignite a blazing fire in your soul!

Nicole S. Mason

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Author Kristee R. Hall